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We where back at Raglan this year;

As always here is the menu.

  • Wednesday:
    • Egurdouce. Goat stewed in red wine with vinegar and raisins. (Plein Delite)
    • Vegetable potage
    • Fresh Strawberries
  • Thursday
    • Roasted beef with mustard sauce.
    • Lentil Pottage
    • Braised Cabbage
    • A grand salad.
    • Commodores (Forme of Curry) Dried fruit in spiced red wine sealed in pastry and fried.
    • Raspberry fool. One of Caroline Yeldman's recipes that is very tasty. Raspberries, sherry, sugar and cream.

  • Friday (Fish Day)
    • Fried Trout with green sauce. (The sauce is green herbs in vinegar from Pleyn Delit.)
    • Muscles in Browet. (Cocatrice and Lampray Hay Constance B. Hieatt) Muscles in stock with figs.
    • Broad bean pottage.
    • Lampray Hay. (Ibid.) which is dried fruit soaked in wine and roasted on the spit.
    • Great Salad
    • Roast Onion and Carrot Salad
    • Norwegian Pasties (Pleyn Delit)
    • Tarts baked in the oven filled with left over commodore mixture.
    • Pommes Moyle (Pleyn Delit) Apple Mousse
    • Stuffed Figs. Again can't remember where this is from but its figs with the tops cut off stuffed with raisins, ground almonds, a little bit of wine to bind and spices. Its yummy.
  • Saturday
    • Griddled Spatchcock Chicken
    • Spit Roasted/Grilled Chicken
    • Good Sauce for Roast Capon.
    • Yellow Pea Pottage
    • Herb Salad
    • Wardens in Syrup (Pleyn Delite) Pears in Red Wine
    • Custard. (A recipe I remember from somewhere that goes 6 eggs, a pound of sugar and a pint of cream.)

  • Sunday (Head Cooks by Viscount Robert and Earl Paul)
    • Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Sauce
    • Bulgar Wheat
    • Boozey Strawberries
    • Cherries in Brandy
    • Buttered Gooseberries (From Mary ferch Thomas' garden.)
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