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So we moved in three weeks ago and a lot has happened.

We had a week after moving in to get things unpacked and sorted before my parents arrived for a week. It was all go.

Whilst they where here Dad and I started one of the must do projects..... the blackberries in the back garden. Turns out there was a 10m (33 feet) long by 7m (23feet) wide area at the back of the garden that was total infested with blackberries, fallen trees, rubbish and the odd nettle. Dad and I cleared about 60% whilst he was here and found the back fence which we had not even seen.

Today I finished off the job. It was very satisfying. There are still piles of brambles reminding me of the grim scene in Lord of Rings after the Rohirrim have finished off the orcs but its not feasible to get rid of them until they rot down a bit.

Then I trimmed the hedge and cut back the hazel which was filling the area where we want to have out outdoor cooking area.

Then I started on the much awaited vegetable beds. The bed will be 7m by 1.5 which I think is going to be very respectable and the soil looks brilliant so hopefully it will be productive.

On the other side will be a similar bed to take fruits.

Look here for the rest of the pictures of the garden.
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