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Well that has been a busy few days. Work has been going nuts so I have been working on that but at the same time I found time to be visited by my sister-in-law and family then in the last two days or so I have been tidying up the area behind the shed so we can build a new shed there!

I had to move the compost bins to achieve this. So now we have two compost areas (one for leaves the other for ready compost) and the composter all nicely set up in new locations.

OK I had to move one once it was set up because I failed to remember to think where the shed doors will open or else you will need to move the compost bins you just built!

I also found main pointers to the fact that that the people who live here before where odd.

1) I am all for recycling but note to them, plastics, metal and wood do not compost, do not improve the soil. Nor does putting a dirty great bag of sand on top of the compost. This just compresses it and makes it hard to remove.
2) Their compost is harder than any of the mortar/concrete they tried to make. None of it is very strong and breaks if you hit it hard with a spade!
3) They didn't know how to bond block walls together. Consequently the old compost bins made of concrete blocks fell down after I hit them once with the mattock!

So next job is to remove what they laughingly called a concrete slab, dig some footings and lay a nice new slab of C20 concrete to put new shed on.

Does anyone have any comments on the best brands of sheds. (Wow you got this far and you are willing to comment! You are the best!) We know to get ship lapped but reviews on sheds otherwise are thin on the ground and if we are going to spend hundreds of pounds on it we want it to be worth the money.

Time for a shower and beer!

Date: 2015-08-16 07:30 pm (UTC)
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I so can't help--up here in the north we buy old second hand timber sheds that someone wants gone from his field...


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