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So today we did a cross country course! Boy was Trix fun.

You can find an interactive map

The course went like this.

First Fence.

I did the right one as I wasn't sure how Trix would go and she blew across it.

Fence 2

I also did the smaller option as it was big enough. Trix was going well but pulled a bit.

Fence 3

As I was feeling good I took Trix over the smaller house which was the medium option. WEEE

Fence 4

Sorry about the finger... took the larger option again. I know this fence well but usually the other way. It was fun but I could feel Trix was getting interesting.

Fence 5

This is a new and largish jump. Wide too and Trix took it like a champion. There where smaller options to the right but quite out of the way. This was a good choice.

Although the silence before we landed was unnerving. It was a big wide jump :D

Fence 6

I took the slightly smaller option of the left as seen here. The intro to the higher version is on a mound and quite high!

Fence 7

Again I was feeling good so I went over the pickle barrels. Trix was pulling hard here and just flying. I was doing my best to slow down and stay with her.

Fence 8

Had no trouble with this last time but Trix wasn't sure what I wanted and it showed. Got her collected and over though.

Fence 9

Looks simple enough doesn't it but no.... Trix wasn't having it.
I tried the right hand one here. After a long canter and entering a new field Trix wasn't sure and tried to get me off. We did spinning and I was right out of the saddle at one point but I some how got back in. I decided to go round this jump in the end.

Fence 10

Back to normal service she was good as gold. This was an odd jump running at the trees into the enclosure with cut grass everywhere!

Fence 11

Took the left hand side smaller option but still quite big. WEEE! Trix then took on a long gallop.

A very long Gallop ensues. I had to break it a couple of times because of walkers getting in the way but still fast!

Fence 12

Took the low option here but going strong and Trix had settled here finally.

Fence 13

A good combination. Trix back strong but still pulling. The back of this was actually broken when I got there which Trix wasn't sure about.

Fence 14

Took the low option but fun

Fence 15 - The Spinney

An old favourite but normally I would do it the other way. Took the small log as the other one is enormous!

Fence 16

Took the small option was getting tired. Who knew slowing a horse down was so much hard work.

Fence 17

I went straight here and took the large option. WEEE! Trix loved it and I had a good deal of trouble stopping her to turn the corner for the next offering

Fence 18 - The last

Finish with a ditch. Didn't end up in it and Trix was flying. What a white knuckle ride.

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