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Birthdate:Nov 7
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Dr John Sawyer is an Engineer/Scientist who works for a large engineering consultancy in Bristol working on aerospace projects. He was born in Birmingham, England moved to Sydney in Australia aged six when his father (also an engineer) moved there for work. Ten years later he moved to Melbourne again following his father's work. After finishing his BEng and PhD in Engineering he went on to work as a Researcher at Monash University for a few years eventually racking up 10 years at the place. After a further 2 years as a Consulting engineer he followed his dream to see what it was actually like to live in England. The most common question he is asked is why? The answer is complicated but mostly to do with him liking history, re-enactment, the English climate -yes really, interesting work opportunities and being able to live in a village rather than a city. He recently bought a house in the largish town of Chippenham and is exploring that new experience with greater and lesser success!
Having played in the SCA in Australia since 1990 he continues to do so in the UK but has also discovered the world of re-enactment and is now involved with The Vikings Inc. and has worked with English Heritage on their jousts in the past. Currently his project is to get proper 15th Century Armour for Thomas.

Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale is anything John wants him to be this week. Mostly he is a 15th Century Minor English Noble who enjoys the tournament but has to be careful because he's not terribly good and losing your horse and armour every few weeks is a drain on resources. He also enjoys cooking so occasionally takes control of the kitchen in his household much to the consternation of his staff who think this is entirely inappropriate but are used to eccentric Englishmen.

Also lurking about in this gestalt entity are Osric æt Mildenhall a 10th or 11th Century Saxon Freeman and Jón Patrekson a Viking Fry-hal who turn up at the odd battle especially when their Eaorl/Jarl get really insistent.

A recent development in John's life has been music. He has been playing in a band called The Magpies since Jan 2006. Recently this band has been reinvented as Both Feet Forward and he is having some fun with recording as a solo artist but it's work in progress .
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