Feb. 9th, 2014

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So dinner last night. Well it was a wonderful thing. We went with [livejournal.com profile] maryf to Whatley Manor near Malmesbury for dinner. The full fine dining experience.

We had wonderful food and I can't remember it all. There where canapés, followed by an Amuse Bouche of smoked mackerel with Wasabi Ice Cream. My starter was braised snails with a red wine and ox sauce served with croutons and a parsley sauce. Jenny and Mary had the Foie Gras served two ways in a Sauternes sauce. Jenny and I had a main course of Pigeon in a sherry sauce and Mary had loin of venison. There was an amazing pre-desert which had rhubarb in it. If you know me I don't normally like Rhubarb but it was wonderful. Desert for me was black truffle ice cream with Rocheforte cheese and fried cheese balls. It was wonderful as not being a sweet person it got to have something lovely and savoury. Mary had chocolate mousse and Jenny a chocolate soulfle.

Just awesome and the best bit was that they just coped with Mary's lactose intolerance by changing the menu as necessary. No fuss no bother.

The service was excellent even if it was obvious that they where training up new staff as they didn't all know where to go but that was okay.

The sommelier knew his stuff even if getting past his outrageous French accent was a bit tricky. The Vosne-Romanée from 2006 I chose went very well with out game dominated meal and I think I impressed the Sommelier as he was quite friendly all evening.

One of those meals that I will remember for along time.


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